What Is Integrative Spiritual Psychology?

When thou canst see
Beneath the outer seeming
The causes which to all effects give birth,
When thou canst feel, in warmth of sunlight streaming
The Love of God, encircling all the earth,
Then know thyself aware of the Mysteries
The wise men ever deemed of greatest worth.
~Unknown Poet~

Integrative Spiritual Psychology seeks to bring healing (integration and wholeness) to the way we relate to ourselves and to life: As within, so without.

The aim is to cultivate an authentic connection to one's True Self—the Soul, the inner spark of consciousness—the inner spiritual heartbeat, which holds the ideal pattern and potential for a particular life.

If we ignore or dismiss this genuine spiritual core, we suffer a sense of frustration, depression, anxiety, emptiness, dissatisfaction and often experience a deep yearning for something more than life presently holds. more ...