The Science of Meditation: The Answer Lies Within

Dr. Ida Urso, Ph.D.

Wo/Man Know Thyself!

The Answer Lies Within points to the ancient Delphic injunction, "Man Know Thyself, for in thyself is to be found all that there is to be known." Of course, this injunction applies to "Woman" as well. And, here it might be helpful to note that the word, "man" is the root of the Sanskrit term manas, which refers to the mind or the mental faculty that distinguishes the human being as an intelligent and moral being. In Vedic times manas meant the individual spirit and the basis of speech. Originally, the term "man" was not used in a gender exclusive sense; rather, it referred to the one who thinks.

How to know the fullness of the Inner Spiritual Self and its transpersonal qualities such as Love, Joy, Wisdom, Strength, Vitality and Harmony except through the process of deep and reflective meditation?

It is a sign of our times and a testament to humanity's understanding of this fact that if we look up the available books on meditation in the Amazon website, we find therein listed a total of 198, 879, and when we google the word, "meditation", we find 43, 700,000 entries.

The Ageless Spiritual Wisdom teaches that the human experience is one of duality, with the human being suspended between the poles of heaven and earth—concepts, which are but the symbols of the finite and the infinite. As human beings, we share equally in both poles.

With humor, modern psychology reflects humanity's duality, between these two dimensions of itself, by pointing out that each individual is both part jerk and part jewel.

This duality is also addressed in many religious traditions; for example, St. Francis of Assisi often referred to his physical vehicle as "brother ass" and Jesus is depicted riding into Jerusalem on a donkey; the Buddha is often pictured astride a water buffalo, and Mother Mary is seen with her foot atop of a snake. In spiritual terms, humanity is the meeting point of spirit and matter—and meditation is the process by which the two begin to know each other and eventually become integrated, leading, in due evolutionary course, to the spiritual dimension ultimately leading to the individual's liberation from suffering—from death, darkness and the "unreal."

Over time and with practice, as we learn to still the mind, it eventually becomes as a reflector of the inner worlds of perceptive and intuitive awareness. As we change our thoughts, so we change our feelings and our behavior. As we lift our consciousness, and practice identifying with the Inner Spiritual Wisdom, which is part of the "Divine Stream of Light, Love and the Will-to-Good," flowing from the Universal Storehouse, so we begin to experience these spiritual qualities in our daily life.