Awareness of Planetary Cycles

The Self is involved in an eternal dance of relationship with others and with all life. It is therefore important to recognize that we are at a pivotal, significant evolutionary moment in the life of humanity and planet Earth. We are moving into a new astrological age. We are transitioning out of the two thousand plus years of the Age of Pisces and moving into the Age of Aquarius—a New Golden Age—prophesied to bring harmony, cooperation and the mind's true liberation.

It is a moment of change and transformation. The old is dying before our eyes, but the new has not yet fully emerged. Our times bring much confusion, frustration and a sense of dis-ease. Alternatively, we are being offered an opportunity for creativity, authenticity and rebirth. The Soul, the spiritual principle within every individual, is seeking to be born into the light of day and on to the world stage. All are called to the challenge. If we can seize this opportunity, we can move into the realization of a richer, more rewarding and fulfilling life, benefiting the self and the whole.