Feedback From Clients/Patients

I met Dr. Urso a few years ago when I decided to pursue therapy for some personal issues I was having. I came to a point in my life where I felt like I was stuck in almost every way. I was unhappy with my job, my relationship, and I didn't know how to move forward with my life the way that I had always hoped I would.

I was very hesitant to try therapy because at the time I felt like it was a sign of weakness, or something that only crazy people did. Upon my first visit with Dr. Urso, she immediately made me feel comfortable and safe, and she created a space where I could talk about myself without feeling any judgment. During our sessions she would always recommend books and articles that I could read in my spare time that would help me with a particular issue I was having. She would also teach me visualization techniques to help me see my life in a positive light, and help me reach my goals.

Slowly but surely little breakthroughs would happen, I started to get in touch with my emotions in a way that I wasn't able to before, and I felt lighter. Personal conflicts were diminishing, I grew closer to the ones I loved, and I ended relationships that weren't good for me. My life was changing.

Today I continue to learn from the work that I did with Dr Urso. I have fulfilled a lifelong dream of owning my own business, and I am getting married in a few months! The things I have learned from Dr. Urso continue to help me face life's challenges, and grow from them.


I have known Dr. Urso for the past 8 years. The difference she has made in my live is profound. For many years I suffered with anxiety and depression. After spending years in traditional therapy with various psychologists, I welcomed Dr. Urso's approach using Integrative Therapy. With Dr. Urso's help, I was finally able to get to the route of my anxiety and depression and work to heal the deep emotional wounds that were the cause of my pain. I was finally able to understand what it meant to "feel my feelings" which allowed me to be more genuine and meet life and its stresses in a new way. I have said many times that what I learned with Dr. Urso, has left my life forever changed. I now enjoy a life and relationships that I thought at one time were never possible.


Dr. Urso, is a kind, gentle and very capable professional, who is both wonderfully sensitive and supportive, creating an environment for the client that facilitates healing and achievement of therapeutic goals. With Dr Urso I have been able to heal on several levels ranging from childhood wounds to adult experiences and disappointments. As a result, my experience with Dr. Urso has enabled me to realize life-long dreams and to find new ways to continue to grow and thrive in my life.


Dr. Urso, through careful listening and spiritual guidance has helped me to maintain a positive and healthy sense of self. I always felt that she was completely in tune with me at any given moment during our time together and I have benefited greatly in many ways from working with her.


Dr. Urso's style of therapy was a perfect match for me. Having a creative background, I was looking for a therapist who made me feel comfortable, let me just talk, be expressive and find my own way. A highly stressful job can affect you in ways that you may not understand and can at times feel a bit overwhelming. The pressures of my job, as well as past issues that I really never dealt with were beginning to affect my personal and professional life in detrimental ways. Having someone to talk to, with no judgments, just seemed to help and it all became a lot easier to deal with. I appreciate her help more than this small paragraph can say.


While I had spent lots of time in therapy examining my feelings and issues prior to working with Ida, she helped me move to the next level of my personal development by providing me with valuable, reliable tools for better understanding of myself and others. Her personal style is warm and supportive, yet highly professional. Our work together had a major impact on my happiness and I recommend her services to anyone looking for wise guidance and personal growth.