Heart Circle

Know that a purpose was born when you were born
A sacred mission
Wound about your heart,
Self sustained with innate power
Waiting to be released,
To be fulfilled.

Heal the Self. Heal the Planet.
Realize your potential. Listen to the voice in your heart. Become Who You Truly Are.

Using Integrative Spiritual Practices such as Guided Imagery, Visualization, Meditation and Deep Energy Work, in a supportive environment, you will have the opportunity to become aware of what holds you back and keeps you from being the person you want to be. By practicing Centered Awareness, Openness and Intentionality, you will gain the motivation and understanding to help you lead a more meaningful life—closer to your heart’s desire.

As of January 2010, Dr. Urso will relocate to Northeast Ohio.
Please inquire for the new location and times for the Heart Circle.

Please fill in the form below if you would like me to contact you with further information. If you would like to participate, to reserve your place, please call or send an e-mail no later than Noon on the Friday before the Saturday in which you wish to participate. Be sure to also provide your phone number, in case I need to call you.