A Sample Meditation

Adopting the Role of the Compassionate Observer*
Identifying with the Soul, the Higher Self, the Inner Healer

I. As an aid for your inward journey, close your eyes so that you are not distracted by your surroundings. To help you achieve a state of relaxation and receptivity, focus on the breath and practice awareness of the in-breath (inhaling through your nose) and the out-breath (exhaling through your mouth). Allow each cycle of inbreathing and outbreathing to help you relax ever more fully and to help you go ever more deeply into your own inner awareness. Give yourself permission to feel safe, comfortable and secure. After three-four cycles of this form of inbreathing and outbreathing move towards stage II below.

II. Become aware of your physical body and note if you are carrying any tension or stress in any part of your body, through the act of intentional awareness, give yourself permission to let go of this tension/stress and continue with your relaxed deep breathing.

Realize you have a body, but you are more than your body. Bless your physical body and then,

III. Move your attention into your emotional body and become aware of any feelings you are currently experiencing. Without judging or condemning, observe and take note of these feelings while you continue with your relaxed, deep breathing. Realize you have an emotional body, but you are more than your emotional body; Bless your emotional body and then,

IV. Move your attention into your mental body and become aware of your thoughts/ideas; again, without judging or condemning, just observe. Recognizing that there is a thinker aware of the thoughts and ideas you have, realize and affirm that you have a mental body, but there is a deeper or higher consciousness than your mental body. Bless your mental body and then,

V. Lift your attention into your spiritual body. See this body, as a miniature sun, existing a few inches above your crown chakra, at the center of the top of your head. Imagine this miniature sun radiating its rays of beneficent, healing, golden Light, embracing you and all within your consciousness. See this sun as the source of all that sustains you and gives your life purpose. See it as your source of Intelligent Light, Love and Vitality. Imagine the rays of this inner sun penetrating deep into all cells of your physical body and into all aspects of the totality that is you. As you breathe in, imagine drawing forth from this inner sun all of the sustenance and all of the qualities you need to lead a healthy, vital and productive life.

VI. As you become fully identified with this inner sun, imagine yourself living your ideal life. What would it look like? How would you feel? What are you doing? Imagine your posture and your facial characteristics. How do you respond to people with whom you come in contact? How do they respond to you? What one quality characterizes this experience? As you continue to experience your idealized life, pay attention to the obstacles that come up for you that distract you and would keep you from experiencing this ideal. What are the thoughts or feelings that obstruct? Take note of these and persevere in your identification with your ideal life.

VII. When you are ready, bring your consciousness back into the room and journal about your experience. Take note of the one outstanding quality that characterized your experience. Write this on several 3x5 note cards, placing these in strategic locations where you can easily see them in your home and work environments. Each time you look at the note card, identify with the quality and remember your experience.

* Adapted from the "Exercise in Dis-Identification" in Psychosynthesis by Roberto Assagioli, M.D. Penguin Books 1965.