The Science of Meditation: The Solution for Age Old Problems of Conflict

Dr. Ida Urso, Ph.D.

It is difficult to remain without water even for a day. It is likewise difficult for our consciousness to remain without illumination from far-off worlds.

Signs of Agni Yoga, par. 407, Agni Yoga Society, New York

Many books have been written on the subject of meditation, whole schools of thought are developed around this subject and many well-known and established schools of wisdom teach and explore this science. What is covered within this short article will barely scratch the surface, but, hopefully, it will inspire the reader to do further research and to either begin this exploration into the inner spiritual dimensions or to apply oneself more diligently to refine and enhance the practice in his/her daily life.

This article will address the form of meditation that is part of the practice of raja yoga—the "kingly science of the Soul." "Raja" means kingly and yoga means union. This science of Soul contact and eventual enlightenment was first put into writing by the sage Patanjali, some say, as far back as ten thousand years ago.

Today, this wisdom of how to attain union with the Soul, the transcendental Inner Self, is contained in what are called the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali—translated from the Sanskrit by many authors and in multiple languages.

In this paper, I would like to give some definitions about what I mean by the science of meditation; and, provide some thoughts about what can be accomplished through meditation.

I. Some Definitions on the Science of Meditation;

The technique of meditation governs all expansions of consciousness, including the entire process of evolutionary development within the planet. It is the technique of spiritual contact and apprehension, the means of furthering the evolution of human intelligence, the capacity to love, and the ability to bring the personal will into alignment with the transpersonal or divine will.

Meditation is the single most effective means for transcending the binding, restrictive sense of separateneness and isolation, which imprison the human consciousness and circumscribe its life.

We use meditation to invoke the higher spiritual energies, to work with concentration both vertically and horizontally—within the world of spiritual energies and within the outer tangible world. The ultimate result of meditation in the consciousness of the individual is illumination, wisdom and the will-to-good—leading to an expanding ability to cooperate in the creative and redemptive spiritual work that needs to take place in the individual and the planetary life.

A simple, but profound and succinct statement of what is intended in meditation can be summarized in the following thought: "Come nearer to God and God will come nearer to you." Depending on one's orientation, the term "Universal Intelligence" or "Supermundane World" can just as easily be substituted for the word, "God."

According to the Ageless, Spiritual Wisdom, humanity is the fourth kingdom in nature; it is the center of creative intelligence—receptive, ready and expecting to realize deeper and more abundant Light, Love and Wisdom. However, because at the present time most individuals are found to be continually in the vibrations of the lower spheres, these lower vibrations then control the life experience.

For perspective, it might be helpful to remember that technically, Raja yoga distinguishes five stages within the process we call meditation. These stages are concentration, sustained concentration (what is most often referred to as meditation), contemplation, illumination and inspiration. As the individual perfects the science of meditation through its many progressive and possible stages, so he/she can experience the transcendental vibrations of Light, Love and Wisdom.

II. What is Possible Through Meditation; What Are Some of Its Effects?

When adequately and effectively pursued through all of its many stages, meditation allows the individual to overcome conflict. It brings the experience of "unimpeded awareness" or divine energy flow into the life that alone will negate all sense of isolation, aloneness and separateness.

Through the practice of meditation we can have the direct experience of union with the whole—we are aware of life as one unbroken whole in which we are each connected to each other and to the whole of life—in fact and in truth.

In the Sanatana Dharma the Buddha teaches that hatred is not ended by hatred, but by love. And it was the wise Professor Einstein who brought this truth to the scientific community, teaching that a problem can never be solved at the same level at which it was created. It is only when we are able to draw the larger circle, when we can elevate our consciousness beyond the immediate confrontations, conflicts and dichotomies, that we can resolve and reconcile dissension and conflict.

A solution for the age-old problems of conflict within the daily life and within the planetary life can only occur as each of us, one by one, recognizes the heightened inner spiritual consciousness possible within each human being, waiting to flow into the individual's life, once invited in.

What each of us thinks reverberates through the subjective field—the etheric or energy body surrounding the planet, coloring and influencing the substance from which others draw their thoughts. The quality of those thoughts emanates a particular energy that in turn, influences the way we think, feel and behave.

Energy follows thought. Always we get—in time and space—what we invoke. It is a matter of being persistent enough and of nurturing and empowering the spiritual thought to the point where it can impact the physical brain and eventually influence the emotional and physical levels of consciousness.

As each of us via meditation attempts to pierce into the higher or deeper realms of consciousness, we create a path of light—a channel through which the higher impressions may reach us. In an isomorphic relationship this individual channel expands and enhances the group channel, which in turn makes it easier for each individual to access the spiritual realms of consciousness.

We know that the promise of this new millennium, this Age of Aquarius, into which we are proceeding, is the revelation of the Soul, called also the Higher Self, the Compassionate Observer, the Inner Healer. There is really no way for the individual to resolve the many individual and global conflicts and problems unless there is a recognition of the inner spiritual essence and the role it can play in the individual and the planetary life. And, there is no way to experience this inner spiritual essence other than through the practice and discipline of harnessing one's mind and attention in meditation.

We each can become as a weaver of light. Applying our thought and heart power, we can add strands of light and love to the etheric network, which surrounds our planet. When this network is sufficiently magnetic and potent, then it can, as if by magic, manifest on the physical plane. This is the potential of meditation, which can bring solution to the daily, seemingly insoluble problems of the individual and of humanity.