What Is Integrative Spiritual Psychology?

Integrative Spiritual Psychology seeks to bring healing (integration and wholeness) to the way we relate to ourselves and to life: As within, so without.

The aim is to cultivate an authentic connection to one's True Self—the Soul, the inner spark of consciousness—the inner spiritual heartbeat, which holds the ideal pattern and potential for a particular life.

If we ignore or dismiss this genuine spiritual core, we suffer a sense of frustration, depression, anxiety, emptiness, dissatisfaction and often experience a deep yearning for something more than life presently holds.

The experiences of depression, hopelessness, anguish, anxiety, stress, tension, emptiness, dissatisfaction, anger, resentment, impatience, guilt, fear, insecurity, passiveness, listlessness, apathy, despondency, an inability to make decisions, a feeling of being stuck, and a disinterest in one's life and surroundings or the inability to experience loving and cooperative relationships, confidence, success and joy—all stem from habits of thinking and feeling about the self and life. Often times, when we awaken to the possibility that life can be different, the higher wisdom within us creates a crisis, which must be addressed.

Integrative Spiritual Psychology recognizes such crises as opportunities for growth. A breakdown can lead to a breakthrough—into a new, healthier, fuller life experience.

Old, limiting perceptions, habits and worldviews, can be transformed, leading to a fuller realization of one's innate potential and a greater sense of well-being.

The goal of this psychology is the integration of polarities and pluralities, leading to a healthy, positive sense of self and thus, providing the basis of authentic, meaningful relationships.

Integrative Spiritual Psychology is an existential, transpersonal approach that practices unconditional, positive regard and empathy for all life. It acknowledges the value of the individual and the fact of the One Humanity. It views consciousness and planetary experience as an ever evolving, ever expanding, ever deepening and ever inclusive state of mind/heart.